Mistral-Air Warming Suits

Protecting your patients, prewarming is the message

The key for optimal warming is to cover as early as possible, as much as possible and as long as possible. Furthermore the arms and legs are both important components of the peripheral thermal compartment. ¹

The Mistral-Air Suits fulfill all of these needs:

  • Ease of use, as a patient gown with overlapping backside closure
  • Entire coverage of arms and legs
  • Ideal for pre-warming
  • Soft non-woven material
  • Per-operatively as a forced air warming Upper and/or Lower Body blanket (simultaneously)
  • Post-operatively, reattached, as a Full Body blanket.

¹ Matsukawa T., Sessler D., et al., “Heat flow and distribution during induction of general anesthesia,” Anesthesiology, 1995