Funnel connector

Fluido Irrigation connectors are developed to connect the Fluido Irrigation URO Set to an irrigation pump. Five different connectors are available.

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Fluido Irrigation Connectors  
Fluido Irrigation Female connector Art. No. 680910 
Fluido Irrigation Male connector Art. No. 680911
Fluido Irrigation Catheter connector Art. No. 680912
Fluido Irrigation Funnel connector Art. No. 680913
Fluido Irrigation URO Male connection Art. No. 680805

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The Fluido system has demonstrated to be a user-friendly and...

F.C.H d’Ancona, MD, PhD, Urologist, University Medical Center St. Radboud, The Netherlands, 2009

By using the Fluido® Irrigation Set we achieved to keep the patient...

T. Anderssen, M. D. PhD Anaesthetic nurse, Dep. of Anaesthesiology, , Norway, 2009