Forced Air Warming

The complete Forced Air Warming portfolio helps healthcare professionals to prevent inadvertent perioperative hypothermia and improve patient outcome.

Product Range Forced Air Warming

Mistral-Air Warming Unit

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The Mistral-Air Plus warming unit is very powerful, silent and provides a constant temperature to your patient within only 60 seconds.

Mistral-Air Blankets Plus

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The Mistral-Air Blankets Plus use controlled diffusion, preventing airflow obstruction, floating and providing superior warming.

Mistral-Air Reflective Blankets

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The Mistral-Air Reflective Blankets have a reflective top layer, increasing warming capacity and reflecting your patient’s radiant body heat, preserving body temperature.

Mistral-Air Premium Warming Suit

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The Mistral-Air Premium Warming Suit is suitable for “high hypothermia risk” surgeries, for passive and active warming.

Mistral-Air Warming Suit

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The Mistral-Air Warming Suit is ideal for pre-warming in day surgery. It combines the functionality of a hospital gown with the benefits of a warming suit / blanket.