Fluido Trauma Set

The Fluido Trauma Set is ideal for flow rates up to 750ml/min. *

When to use the Fluido Trauma Set?

  • Trauma procedures
  • Liver transplants
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurisms (AAA)
  • Cardio surgery

*) Free flow (without catheter attached) with 300 mmHg, incoming fluid temperature of 20°C and normothermic flow between 36°C and 37,5°C

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Fluido Trauma Set | Article number 671500
Priming volume 145ml
Patient line 1500mm
Max. flow 800ml/min*1
Normothermic flow 20 - 750ml/min
Box quantity 30 (2 x 15 pieces)
Backflow valve
Manual air relief
Deaeration chamber with 200 μm filter
Rigid cassette
Y shaped  IV system
Administration port

 The Fluido sets do not contain natural latex components.

1) Free flow with 300 mmHg
2) Incoming fluid temperature of 20°C, normothermic flow between 36°C and 37.5°C

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Short Instructions For Use

 Fluido AirGuard System Short Instructions for Use

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User Manual - all in one

 User Manual Fluido AirGuard System

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 Technical Manual Fluido Air Guard

 Technical Manual Pressure Chambers

 Technical Manual Compressor

 Technical Manual Fluido Warming Unit


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An animation video is designed to assist you with the set-up of the Fluido AirGuard System by just following three steps: Plug-in, Prepare and Power On.

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