Fluido Trauma Plus Set

The Fluido Trauma Plus Set is ideal for flow rates up to 1100ml/min. *

When to use the Fluido Trauma Plus Set?

  • Same applications as Trauma Set
  • When even higher flows are desired: up to 1100ml/min*
  • Third spike as an addition to speed up handling time
  • With central catheters used
    • Liver transplant
    • Abdominal Aortic Aneurisms (AAA)
    • Cardio surgery

*) Free flow (without catheter attached) with 300 mmHg, incoming fluid temperature of 20°C and normothermic flow between 36°C and 37,5°C

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Fluido Trauma Plus Set | Article number 671700
Priming volume 155ml
Patient line 2000mm
Max. flow 1100ml/min*1
Normothermic flow 30 - 650ml/min
Box quantity 30 (2 x 15 pieces)
Backflow valve
Manual air relief
De-aeration chamber with 200 μm filter
Rigid cassette
Y shaped  IV system
Administration port
Y shaped  IV system with three spikes
Wider drip chamber and tubing

 The Fluido sets do not contain natural latex components.

1) Free flow with 300 mmHg
2) Incoming fluid temperature of 20°C, normothermic flow between 36°C and 37.5°C

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Short Instructions For Use

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 User Manual Fluido AirGuard System

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 Technical Manual Fluido Air Guard

 Technical Manual Pressure Chambers

 Technical Manual Compressor

 Technical Manual Fluido Warming Unit


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An animation video is designed to assist you with the set-up of the Fluido AirGuard System by just following three steps: Plug-in, Prepare and Power On.

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