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Mistral-Air Forced Air Warming

Forced Air Warming is a widely used and clinically accepted intervention for the prevention of hypothermia and/or rewarming of the postoperative surgical patient. The principle of operation for forced air warming systems is an electrically powered unit consisting of a fan and heating element that provides warmed air via a flexible hose to a blanket draped over the patient. Some configurations allow for the patient to be placed on top of the blanket or surrounded by a warming tube. The warming blankets are intended to distribute warm air to the patient in a manner that is safe and effective.

Mistral-Air® Forced Air Warming


Safe, comfortable & smart warming

Mistral-Air® warming blankets and suits are safe, as they meet patient safety requirements by being non-allergic, non-flammable and non-linting. The wide range of Mistral-Air® products ensure there is a product for each application and can be used for pre-, per- and post-operative warming.
The warming blankets and suits are made of premium non-woven materials, are extra wide and have large tuck-in flaps providing supreme comfort and optimum warming capacity.

The Mistral-Air® warming blankets and suits and Mistral-Air® Plus Warming Unit are attuned to each other. This ensures smart warming; optimum performance and equal distribution of warm air throughout the entire blanket.


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