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The 37Company

Partner in Patient Temperature Management
The 37Company is a leading European company in the field of hypothermia and offers a complete range of innovative solutions for patient temperature management.

The 37Company mission
Our core business is all about 37°C, about keeping patients at a constant healthy body temperature. The 37Company is working with respected medical professionals to accomplish continuous innovation, improve patient outcome and to reduce health care costs. This by providing training, education and economically justified, best-in-class products.

The 37Company is based in The Netherlands and is a member of The Surgical Company Group.





Forced Air Warming


Blood and Fluid Warming


Heat reflective Technology

Mistral-Air Plus Warming Unit Fluido Blood & Fluid Warmer




Online Applications



Fluid Warming


Temperature Management Tool




Each product has its own application. Together they offer a complete range to treat hypothermia. 


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